Each order comes with a green medium salsa and a red extra spicy¬†ūüĆ∂ sauce.
      Each extra $.50 +Tax

Street Tacos (corn Tortilla)
Street Tacos (flour Tortilla)

All topped with cilantro, onions, unless requested on the side served with 4 lime wedges

        -Pollo (chicken breast)
        -Fajita and bistec mixed
        -Cabeza | barbacoa

Tacos tripa, cabeza y lengua

Served with Cilantro, Onions and lime wedges.




Every 5 tacos comes with two salsas one of each or you can substitute.


Order of 3 Flautas Choice of desebrada (shredded beef) or pollo (chicken), topped with avocado ūü•Ď sauce Mexican sour cream cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and sprinkle of cilantro

Add queso Fresco $1.25
Avocado slices $0.99



Order of 3 sopes a vegan choice just let us know, topped with beans, queso fresco, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and sprinkle of cilantro

Add meat of your choice $1.99
Add tripa or lengua $2.99
Avocado $0.99



4 Enchiladas filled in with queso fresco chopped onions, topped with more queso fresco, lettuce carrots and potatoes if you are vegetarian let us know we will take care

Add meat on the side $1.99
Tripa or lengua on the side $2.99


3 Quesadillas

Order of three Melted cheese, Choose your meats served with cilantro, onion and tomatoes

Add avocado $0.99



potatoes and carrots
Grilled onion, 2 chiles toreados
Refried beans
Six extra lime wedges
Habanero pickle onions






We do Catering for any Event!

Our Meats

Prensado    Desebrada  Picadillo      Pollo          Cabeza        Tripa          Lengua     

Shredded Beef Shredded Beef Ground Beef  Chicken breast Barbacoa Chitterlings Beef Tongue 

  • Fajita and bistec mixed

Tasty Drinks


Pi√Īa | mandarina | ponche o sangria | topo chico

Refrescos Mexicanos

Coca | Pepsi | Squirt | Fanta | sprite | sidral

Aguas frescas

Jamaica | Horchata



Michelada Mix










Our Plates!

Tuesday means

Taco Tuesday!

5 Tacos & drink for $7.99 +tax

Tacos of fajita, desebrada, picadillo, prensado y pollo

Good Food | Good Tacos